Robert Sparr ~ MTTA Hall of Fame 2009

Robert Sparr     Bob Sparr was born November 24, 1927, in Bozeman, Montana, to Albert and Zelda Sparr. As a child growing up during the Great Depression, Bob had many experiences that developed his tenacious, enduring attitude toward hard work and play.

     He served in the Navy during and after World War II and was stationed in Japan as a carpenter. Bob returned home and worked as an engineer for the BA&P Railroad in Anaconda for several years. His love of trains remained a lifelong hobby. He began his business career in Anaconda with a Conoco station and later a towing and service operation. He moved the business to Missoula in 1970 where he and his two children, Bill and Bobbi, expanded the business to include auto repair, towing and recovery, moving truck rental, and property rental. He retired, but never left the business, often consulting and managing from his home or on daily visits to the business which is across the street.

Note: Bob passed away on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, at St. Patrick Hospital.