Ralph Hanser ~ MTTA Hall of Fame 2008

     Ralph Hanser's career began in 1963 with a vision to serve the motoring public with quality automotive service. It started with a little blue tow truck and a service station. Through the years, Hanser's Wrecker Company has grown into a multi-faceted company consisting of wreckers and recovery, Ralph Hanserauto and truck repair, volume transmission- rebuilding and remanufacturing, and state-of-the-art automotive recycling. Hanser's has grown to include over eighty pieces of equipment including twenty-seven wreckers and various pieces of support equipment including traffic incident management, air cushion-recovery, and emergency spill response trailers, and satellite offices in Hardin, Columbus, Big Timber, and Livingston.

     Ralph was one of the first to utilize air-cushion recovery and was an early pioneer of the technology. Technology is at the heart of all of his companies. Ralph's work to maintain an edge in new processes and procedures is a fundamental tenet in his efforts to stay ahead in a fierce business climate.

     Ralph also takes personal pride in keeping Montana clean and beautiful for future generations. Through this dedication, Hanser's environmental spill response was added to the company's recovery efforts. Although Hanser's Wrecker Company specializes in petroleum-based spills, it is a leading force in handling many other hazardous spills as well. Ralph's companies all take progressive measures to be environmentally friendly and he has worked tirelessly to ensure his companies provide for a brighter tomorrow.

     Ralph has always been a leader in the industry and Hanser's Wrecker Company has received broad recognition for his efforts. Among the more prestigious awards was the recipient of the Governor's Award for Safety in 1999. In 2001, the Small Business Association recognized Hanser's for Outstanding Achievement in Pollution Prevention, and in 2003, Hanser's was given the Montana Family Business of the Year Award.

     Ralph was born and raised in Broadview, Montana, on a family farm. In 1963, he married Sharon, and together they raised six sons, Spencer, Scott, Shawn, Stacy, Sheldon, and Seth. His family, like his business, has kept expanding and now includes six daughters-in-law and sixteen grandchildren. Hanser's is still family-owned and operated today. Ralph and Sharon, along with Spencer, Scott, and Shawn, are a committed part of the management team.