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Towers Prayer

(author unknown)

Almighty God, whose great power and eternal wisdom
embrace the universe, watch over all those in towing.
Protect them from harm in the performance of their duty
out there on our roadways all round the world.
We pray, help them keep safe both day and night.
We recommend them to your loving care
because their position is dangerous.
Grant them unending strength and
expertise in their daily assignments.
Dear God, look after our brothers and sisters.
Grant them your almighty protection and unite them safely
with their families at the end of the day. Amen.

Mr. T's, Bozeman

Mr. T's, Bozeman ~ 2009 Convention

Oh's Towing, Kalispell

Oh's Towing, Kalispell ~ 2009 Convention

Iron Horse Towing, Missoula

Iron Horse Towing, Missoula ~ 2009 Convention

Bolster's Towing, Kalispell ~ 2008

Bolster's Towing, Kalispell ~ 2008 Convention

2008 Convention Banquet

2008 Convention Banquet

Red's Towing, Missoula

Red's Towing, Missoula ~ 2001 Convention

Milo's Towing, Butte ~ 2001

Milo's Towing, Butte ~ 2001 Convention

Sparr's Towing, Missoula ~ 2009

Sparr's Towing, Missoula ~ 2009

Bob Gilbert, MTTA lobbyist ~ 2009 Convention

Bob Gilbert, MTTA lobbyist (2009 Convention)