Patrick Gilboy ~ MTTA Hall of Fame 2003

     Tonight we have the honor of inducting our third Montana Tow Truck Association Hall of Fame member. In recognition of his years of service in the towing industry and the Association, and for being a genuine, all-around nice guy, let me tell you a little about him.Patrick Gilboy

     This tower started an auto repair business in a one-bay shop near Montana and Rowe Road in Butte 1968. After one year, the business was moved to a Chevron station located at Platinum and Excelsior Street. That is when the business name became P&R Safety Center Repair Shop.

     In 1971, the business was moved to a Texaco Station on Front Street and the first tow truck was added. It was a beefed-up 1954 Chevy with a Murphy Folding Wrecker on the back. Then, in 1972, Conoco sold all their retail outlets and a three-bay Conoco station was purchased right off I-90.

     Soon after, a medium-duty Ford with a Weldbuilt 16-ton wrecker was purchased and a relationship developed with Bucky Nelson of Weldbuilt. By 1975, a truck shop was built next to the station, and with more truck work, a heavy-duty wrecker was needed. A tandem International Holmes 750 combo was put together, and the large wrecker rotation was begun in the area.

     In 1978, a Holmes 440 Ford Combo was purchased and the business became a AAA vendor which it still is. By 1979, both large wreckers needed updating and were sold for two new Weldbuilts, a 16-ton and a 40-ton on a Mack R Model. In 1986, the first rollback in the area was put together with a Ford Chevron combo. By 1988, a wheel lift was required and a Chevy one-ton with a Century back end was purchased. In 1992, the first heavy wheel lift was built with a Kenworth and a Holmes 750 Zacklift combo.

     By 1996, a new larger shop with 6000 square feet of space on 6 acres was built. With the additional growth in business, another one-ton Ford combo was put together. In 1998, two new trucks were purchased, a two-ton Chevy Century Rollback Combo and a one-ton Ford Powerstroke Vulcan. And in 2002, this tower's favorite truck was purchased, a Kenworth with a Vulcan 2530.

     By now, at least Pat Gilboy knows who this tower is. Pat met and married his wife Shirley in the same year that he started his business. He has always been heavily involved with the political side of the towing industry, especially with the local, state, and out-of-state associations.

     Pat, it is with appreciation that we present you with the 2003 MTTA Hall of Fame plaque as you join two other highly respected recipients, Milo Casagrande and Frank Stoltz. Thank you for your time and efforts spent furthering our industry.