MTTA ~ Become a Member


The MTTA bylaws state: Any person, firm, or corporation engaged in towing and/or recovery operations in the State of Montana shall be eligible to become a member of the Association providing that such person, firm, or corporation is of good repute, financially responsible, and willing and able to promote the objects of this Association as set forth by these bylaws.

To be successful in its endeavor to benefit its members, as well as the towing industry in general and the safety of the public, any towing association must have the physical and financial support and involvement of its members. After all, MTTA is your organization, working with you and for you.

Member dues are $150.00 annually and are due at the tow convention each year or by the 30th of September. Associate Membership in the association is open to those who supply goods and/or services to those in the towing business, those towing companies not doing business within the State of Montana, and those towers in the state who would like to become members but are not interested in voting privileges. Associate membership dues are $100 per year. Associate members do not have voting privileges.

Members are listed on the MTTA website by name and by town. If a member has a website or a web page on the MTTA site, a link is provided. If you would like to join MTTA, please download the application (Adobe Reader required), fill it out, print, and return it to the MTTA office (address below) along with your check for your dues for the calendar year. Checks should be made payable to MTTA.


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