Jim Dusenberry ~ MTTA Hall of Fame 2006

     Six years ago, the Montana Tow Truck Association's Hall of Fame was brought into being as an acknowledgment of the tremendous contribution of Milo Casagrande to the association and as a means of recognizing others who have dedicated their efforts to the success and endurance of the Jim DusenberryMontana Tow Truck Association.

     This particular tower has always enjoyed being around machinery and equipment. Born in Bozeman, Montana, in August of 1949, he was raised in the Gallatin Valley in the midst of dairy farming and a hay and grain operation. He was active in 4-H and won the State Tractor Driving Contest so he got to compete nationally. After graduating from Bozeman Senior High, he attended Western Technical College in Denver, Colorado, returning to Bozeman to work for M&W Repair, Inc. He served his apprenticeship while working for M&W and gained valuable tow truck experience there. While in Bozeman, he attended Montana State University and graduated with a degree in Agriculture Education and Industrial Arts.

     In 1974, this tower started teaching at the Helena Vocational Technical College. While there, he operated his own tractor trailers. He developed and taught the Truck Diesel Program until he started J&D Truck Repair in 1981. Jim Dusenberry provided repair work only until the big train explosion and arctic cold spell in 1988 when he realized that there were no tow trucks available to move big trucks into the warm shop. At this time, towing and recovery was added to create J&D Truck Towing & Repair, out of desperation and necessity.

     Playing an active role in the community has always been important to Jim. He has worked with the 4-H program as 4-H Chairman and Livestock Chairman for six years. Jim has been doing volunteer firefighting with the West Helena Valley Volunteer Fire Department for 12 years and has been Chairman of the Board of Trustees for six of those years. He has been President of the Montana Fire Districts Association, board member and treasurer of both the Montana Fire Alliance and the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds Users Association. Jim serves on the Helena College of Technology Advisory Board and is a member of the Montana National Guard. Jim has also served on other various county and state workgroups and committees.

     This is Jim's second term as President of the Montana Tow Truck Association. Jim began to take over at the helm of MTTA when Milo became ill. Jim has always placed an emphasis on worker safety whether in the shop or out on the job. He values the importance of education, believing that workers need to know what they are doing to stay safe and get the job done right. Jim also recognizes that it is critical for agencies to work together and has worked diligently to foster good relationships between towers and the Montana Highway Patrol, as well as with fire departments and other agencies.

     Jim and his wife, Marilyn have raised three children, Tim, Becky, and Val. Presently attending MSU are Tim, a senior, and Becky, a graduate student. Both helped out at home this summer. Val is married and recently gave birth to Crockett, whom Jim says is a future tower. Jim and Marilyn live on a small farm in the Helena valley and relax by raising hay, pigs, and a few cows.

     Jim, it is with great pleasure that the Montana Tow Truck Association welcomes you into its Hall of Fame where you join Milo Casagrande, Frank Stoltz, Patrick Gilboy, Dennis Frownfelter, and Maurice Quanbeck. Thank you for all of your efforts directed at steering the Montana towing industry toward a safe, professional, and successful destination.

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