MTTA Hall of Fame

Ten years ago, MTTA instituted the Hall of Fame to recognize those members who over the years have selflessly contributed their time and support to the Montana Tow Truck Association. Most of the time, working for MTTA and the Montana towers is a thankless job (just ask Jim or any of the others) – the end result of which addresses all aspects of the towing industry, and, in turn, benefits all the towers in the state, not just those who are members.

Time is such a precious commodity, and recognition of those who spend their valuable hours (note I did not say spare time) working for this organization, attending meetings, driving around this state to meet with towers, discussing the problematic areas of the industry, debating legislative issues, garnering the benefits of a compatible working relationship with law enforcement, participating in fund-raising events, sponsoring classes, and the all-time favorite, listening to tower complaints, among others, that this acknowledgement is but a small token of appreciation for their labors for their industry – and for you.

Previous inductees are Milo Casagrande, Frank Stoltz, Patrick Gilboy, Dennis Frownfelter, Maurice W. Quanbeck, Jim Dusenberry, Ralph Hanser, Robert Sparr, and Jay Richards. MTTA Hall of Fame recipients receive a personalized plaque in addition to a traveling plaque that goes with each year's inductee.

Milo Casagrande

Frank Stoltz

Patrick Gilboy

Dennis Frownfelter

Maurice Quanbeck

Jim Dusenberry

Ralph Hanser

Robert Sparr

Jay Richards