MTTA ~ TRAA Certification

MTTA offers TRAAs National Driver Certification Program (NDCP).

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     TRAA is the only national association representing the towing and recovery industry. Through a grant from the Federal Department of Transportation, TRAA established the only national standards for tow truck operators and from these standards developed the National Driver Certification Program. Tests include light, medium, and heavy-duty towing & recovery in the areas of customer service, safety, incident management, truck, and equipment.

Level I Certification for Light Duty


  • 90 Days employment as a tow truck driver in the last five years.
  • All state driving requirements must be met.

100 Multiple Choice Questions on the Following

Customer Service: Customer care, paperwork, and vehicle handling
Safety/Personal Appearance: Personal driving, personal appearance, and specialized skills
Incident Management: Arrival at scene, incident type and needs, and specialized skills
Truck: Safe driver skills, equipment knowledge, and maintenance skills
Equipment and Tools: Safe handling, operation usage, maintenance skills

Testing Process

You now have two testing options available.

  • Paper and Pencil Option: Administered at a local community college, library, or tow show. This option is less expensive although you must wait two to four weeks for test results
  • Computer Option: Allows you to instantly receive your test results at the end of testing.

Level I Application

For Paper and Pencil Testing:

  • Submit application, payment and photos.
  • TRAA will send you a study guide and instructions on how to schedule your test.
  • When you are ready to take the test, contact TRAA at or call 1-800-728-0136 to schedule your test. You will need your current driver's license to take the test.
  • You will receive your test results within 2-4 weeks.
  • If you fail the test, you will need to resubmit your application and pay the retesting fee to TRAA, reschedule with TRAA, and retake the test.

Paper and Pencil Testing Fees:
Level I Member $100.00, Non-Member $125.00
Retest Member/Non-Member $60.00
No-show fee $20.00

Computer Testing:

  • Visit PSI Exams Onlineor contact TRAA. Computer testing is available in many states, but not all. New facilities are being added regularly.
  • Submit application, payment and photos.
  • TRAA will send you a letter with your test ID code, and your study guide (if you have requested a mailed copy) and instructions on how to schedule your test.
  • When ready to take the test, go to the PSI website or call 800-211-2754 to schedule your test. You will need your test ID code and your current driver's license to take the test.
  • You will receive your test results when you have completed the test.
  • If you fail the test or miss your appointment without giving 24-hour notice, you will need to resubmit your application, pay the retesting fee to TRAA, reschedule with PSI, and retake the test.

Computer Testing Fees:
Level 1 Member $160.00 Non-Member $185.00
Retest Member/Non-Member $110.00

Reviewing the study guide before taking the test is critical.

If you fail the test you will have to pay a retesting fee. Also, if you are unable to keep your test appointment and fail to cancel with sufficient notice, you will be subject to a retesting fee.

Passing The Test: Those successfully completing the test will receive two patches, one ID card, and certificate indicating your status as a Nationally Certified Tow Operator.

Level II Certification for Medium Duty


  • One year employed as a medium-/heavy-duty truck towing and recovery operator (20,000 … 26,001 + GVWR)
  • Hold a commercial driver's license (CDL ABC)
  • Meet all driver/operator requirements of the state from which he/she is applying
  • Have successfully completed Level I of the National Driver Certification Test

200 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions

Test consists of questions on the following topics:

  • Professional Image and Personal Appearance
  • Operator Responsibilities as a Towing and Recovery Professional
  • Personal Safety Considerations
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Safety at the Scene
  • Safe Driving During Towing and Recovery Operations
  • Proper Procedures for Vehicle Preparation for Towing and Recovery
  • Accident Prevention Skills
  • Types and Classifications of Towing and Recovery Equipment
  • Proper Inspection/Care of Towing and Recovery Units
  • Incident Management
  • Special Considerations Involved in HazMat Recoveries
  • Equipment Required for Proper Operation of Various Towing and Recovery Units
  • Proper Hook-up Procedures for Specialty Vehicles, Medium/Heavy Trucks, Combinations
  • Loading, Securing, and Unloading a Vehicle Using Carriers and Trailers
  • Cargo Concerns including Loading, Securing and Unloading
  • Proper Procedures for Uprighting Overturns
  • Recoveries / Proper Winching Techniques
The National Driver Certification Study Guide for tow drivers is now available in a PowerPoint presentation on DVD for $30.00. You receive a printed NDCP study guide with your order. This study guide is over 200 pages and covers the topics on the Level 1 Certification exam. Training course presentation includes customer service, safety, appearance, attitude, truck equipment, and traffic incident management.