CDL Self-Certification Classification...

CDL Self-Certification Classification and Medical Documentation

NOTE: If you do not return this completed form within 90 days of receiving it, your CDL will be downgraded to a Class D driver's license. Click here to download the form. (pdf)

The rest of the story...

     So, once upon at time (that's the way all good stories start, you know), a tow truck driver studied and studied and studied. He learned his truck from top to bottom and front to back. He went to the doctor's office and peed in the cup. They checked his eyes and stuck there finger (well, you know where they stuck the finger). Next he took the driving test. The woman that gave the test arrived on her broom. And she should have because she was a real witch of a driver's examiner. But the tow truck driver passed.

     As a reward, he was given a plastic card that had a photo of him that made him look like he'd been on a week-long binge. Nonetheless, the tow truck driver was damn proud of the fact that he had his CDL. Well, years and years went by. The tow truck driver suffered though many more medical exams. He even had a lady doctor one time. Now that was an embarrassing memory. But he always passed with flying colors. The tow truck driver was good to go for another two years. A fresh medical card in his wallet. Hell, no one had ever even bothered to look at it anyway. The good thing was he never had to see the wicked witch again.

     Then, one day, the tow truck driver pulled into the scale house to buy a permit. The scale guy was pleasent but very hard and seasoned-looking. You could tell he wasn't looking at his first tow truck. The tow truck driver had his $10.00 ready and had his registration and insurance card out. Then, much to his surprise, the man asked him for his medical card. With all the pride and confidence in the world, the tow truck driver got out his wallet and tried to pull his prized medical card out. But it didn't come without a tussle. The card had welded itself into the special sleeve in his wallet.

     After damn near ripping the wallet in two, he gave a sigh of relief as the wallet finally gave up the medical card that had been tucked away for a year. The tow truck driver proudly presented the medical card to the scale guy who took the medical card over to his computer and ran the numbers on the card. The scale guy's expression went from pleasant to a grimace and he proclaimed to the tow truck driver that "because you did not send in your CDL Medical Self-Certification Classification and Medical Documentation form, your CDL was downgraded to a class D regular driver's license."

     The tow truck driver cried and cried all the way home. The moral of this story (that's the way all good stories end) is do not let this be you.

Not Quite THE END

Remember, if you do not return this completed form within 90 days of receiving it, your CDL will be downgraded to a Class D driver's license.

This form should only take about five (5) minutes to fill out. Most of us will be Interstate Non-Excepted. Then either mail it to the address or fax the signed completed form along with a copy of your MEC (Medical Examiner's Certificate) – that's your medical card – to the MVD.

The address and fax number are on the top of the front page of the form.