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For Sale: 6 Exbars 03C155 Kodiak/Topkick. $1200/each. Contact: Brian Corcoran, 406-252-7054 ext. 3250




Sample ad ~ 1970 GMC 6500 with Holmes 600. Model 616 body VIN CE603 2133702. Model# CE66703.

366, 5-speed/2-speed. Power steering. 10-hole Budds 8.25x20.

Holmes Model 600. Capacity: 32,000. Serial# B70BJ-3007

Body: 10 feet, 7.5 inches long. Model: 616. Serial# B70B-17002

New recap traction drivers (Bridgestone casings). Good Kelly steer tires (9/32). Good wire on winches. Two slings. Low-geared for use in Park. 50-gallon gas tank behind cab (in wrecker bed). Truss booms. Outriggers for side recovery work. Micro hydraulic brake lock. No wheel lift. Dent in right-hand front fender. Driveline park brake does not work.

Sold new to YPSS (Yellowstone Park Service Station). Unit has never been used hard and has never been in M&W's fleet - just been a toy for the owner.

If interested, call (406) 686-4230 evenings.

1970 GMC 6500 with Holmes 600